Spa Manicure

Restore the Beauty and Health of Your Finger Nails with an Invigorating Spa Manicure

Spa Manicure

Is there anything more beautiful than perfect nails sporting a French manicure?

Experience the revitalizing sensation of a comforting spa manicure treatment by a professional nail technician at Sunshine Nails and Spa.

Our professional manicurist team knows how to indulge your desire for affordable perfect nails and cuticle care. Not only will you improve the health of each finger nail and nail cuticle, you will leave the salon with beautifully polished nails, a pink and white French manicure, or expert nail repairs.

Choose from our selection of manicure treatments for women and men at manicure prices designed to fit any budget. Our manicure spa treatments include:

• Regular Spa Manicure 
After removing your old fingernail polish, your manicurist will shape each finger nail and clean each nail cuticle using specialized cuticle care tools. Enjoy the soothing hands and arms massage as your finger nail technician applies high quality manicure spa lotion designed for keeping your cuticle nail and finger nail moisturized, smooth and the skin feeling rejuvenated. Your regular hand manicure treatment concludes after application of the finger nail polish color of your choice, resulting in newly revitalized, beautifully polished nails.

• Relaxing Spa Manicure
Begin unwinding while having each finger nail shaped and nail cuticle cleaned, and you will feel the tension release as your manicurist massages your hands and arms. Your skin feels luxuriously moisturized and smooth after application of hand manicure lotion and cooling gel specifically designed for professional manicure and cuticle treatment. A hot paraffin wax dip further moisturizes your hands and skin before they are wrapped in hot towels. Choose from our wide selection of nail polish hues that will enhance your skin’s natural beauty. After its application, you will leave our salon and spa with rejuvenated, glowing skin and beautifully polished nails.

• Gel Polish Manicure
The gel manicure begins with the same finger nail shaping, nail cuticle removal, and hands and arms massaging as our other manicure spa selections with lotion that softens and moisturizes your skin and cuticles . Then choose from our more than 600 gel color variety . Advantages of our gel manicure and gel polish over traditional types of fingernail polish color include:
o Reduced chance of chipping than other types of finger nail polish
o Nail colors that stay as beautiful as day you received your gel manicure and shine for up to 2 weeks
o Gel polish colors in every shade available in gel nail polish on the market today
o Faster curing of nail colors with the latest technology LED machines, harmless to skin
o Gel polish cures in 30 seconds