Professional Waxing Services Pamper You in a Comforting, Peaceful Atmosphere

Spa Waxing Services

At Sunshine Nails and Spa, we pamper our clients. Because our goal in waxing and facial hair removal is restoring your natural glow and beauty, we use only the finest, soft face wax, and perform hair removal at the root. Your chin, upper lip, and facial skin is left smooth for weeks. All of our professional waxing salon services are provided under the highest standards in salon nails and waxing cleanliness for your peace of mind.

Sunshine Nails and Spa offers professional waxing services including:

– Eyebrow Waxing: Whether you’re a first-time eyebrow waxing client and need professional waxing and shaping for unruly eyebrows, or a brow wax veteran who needs regular eyebrow hair wax maintenance, our affordable eyebrow waxing salon services give you the desired result.
– Lip waxing: Upper lip hair removal for women removes the facial hair and eliminates unattractive and unwelcome mustache hair from upper and lower lip areas.
– Chin hair removal: Say “adios” to those stubborn chin hairs as they are waxed and tweezed away in minutes, leaving your chin smooth and follicle free for weeks.
– Full facial hair removal: For clients who prefer the convenience of full facial hair waxing in one waxing salon visit.
– Additional waxing services and hair removal for women and men Sunshine Nails and Spa offers additional waxing services for both men and women and uses the best wax available in achieving the best skin care look and result.

These includes:
• Sideburns
• Back
• Chest
• Half arms
• Under arms
• Hands
• Toes
• Half legs
• Full legs